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    Boy meets girl
    Boy falls in love
    Girl doesn't

  • When Tom, a hapless greeting card copywriter and hopeless romantic, is blindsided after his girlfriend summer dumps him, he shifts back and forth through various periods of their 500 days "together" to try to figure out where things went wrong. His reflections ultimately lead him to finally rediscover his true passions in life.

  • Directed by: Marc Webb
    Wirtten by: Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber
    Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Clark Gregg, Minka Kelly, Matthew Gray Gubler, Rachel Boston, Geoffrey Arend, Chloe Moritz
    Producers: Jessica Tuchinsky, Mary Waters, Steven Wolfe, Mason Novick

  • This post modern love story is never what we expect it to be -- It's thorny yet exhilarating, funny and sad, a twisted journey of highs and lows that doesn't quite go where we think it will.

    Release Date: July 17, 2009

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Guest Post: “This movie had a lot to offer…”

this movie had a lot to offer. I loved every single song they played and have already gotten most of them. And the cinematography is some of the most beautiful and unique that i’ve seen in a long time, especailly the actual and expectations part. And i like the certain parts of their relationship they were really cute. But as far the story went i felt it was a little one sided, showing that the boy still hasn’t gotten over her, especially with that little disclaimer at the beginning calling the girl a bitch. In the movie she’s very straight forward with him and he just goes on believing that she loves him.even when he goes on a blind date and the girl reminds him that summer didn’t cheat, she didn’t take advantage of him and she did exactly what she told him she was gonna do. But i feel that even in their relationship the movie didn’t show them even getting to know each other much. Like how she opens up about her parents relationship and then he realizes she opens up but he doesn’t pursue that or try to get to know her deeper. And in the end he couldn’t take his own advice, he felt it but she didn’t and she did the right thing by ending it. Because he said love you just know and you feel it, and she didn’t, so in the end he’s just mad because he “fell in love” and she didn’t love him back. But don’t get me wrong i really liked this movie and was not disappointed by going to see it, even though the story has some holes i felt it was still a very realistic interpretation of a a true “love” story where everything doesn’t work, because most of the time, as much as we hate it, that’s what happens.

This post was submitted by casper.

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