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    Boy meets girl
    Boy falls in love
    Girl doesn't

  • When Tom, a hapless greeting card copywriter and hopeless romantic, is blindsided after his girlfriend summer dumps him, he shifts back and forth through various periods of their 500 days "together" to try to figure out where things went wrong. His reflections ultimately lead him to finally rediscover his true passions in life.

  • Directed by: Marc Webb
    Wirtten by: Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber
    Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Clark Gregg, Minka Kelly, Matthew Gray Gubler, Rachel Boston, Geoffrey Arend, Chloe Moritz
    Producers: Jessica Tuchinsky, Mary Waters, Steven Wolfe, Mason Novick

  • This post modern love story is never what we expect it to be -- It's thorny yet exhilarating, funny and sad, a twisted journey of highs and lows that doesn't quite go where we think it will.

    Release Date: July 17, 2009

500 Days of Summer Soundtrack

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I’ve been expecting the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack info to be released sometime this week and I just received an email with the ridiculously juicy details!

The 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack will hit store shelves on July 14th through Sire Records, three days before the film officially opens in theaters. The track listing is almost too good to be true. Seriously. Check out the full listing after the jump.

500 Days of Summer Soundtrack Now Available!
1. A Story of Boy Meets Girl – Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen
2. Us – Regina Spektor
3. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
4. Bad Kids – Black Lips
5. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths
6. There Goes The Fear – Doves
7. You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates
8. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
9. Quelqu’un M’a Dit – Carla Bruni
10. Mushaboom – Feist
11. Hero – Regina Spektor
12. Bookends – Simon & Garfunkel
13. Vagabond – Wolfmother
14. She’s Got You High – Mumm-Ra
15. Here Comes Your Man – Meaghan Smith
16. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – She & Him

500 Days of Summer Soundtrack ArtworkIs that an unreleased cover of The Smiths by She & Him I see as the closing track!? (She & Him would be Zooey Deschanel’s band with M. Ward.) I was hoping for a track from She & Him but wouldn’t have been disappointed otherwise, considering we don’t hear them in the film.

Hats off to writers Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, director Marc Webb, as well as everyone at Fox Searchlight and Sire Records responsible for putting together this extremely solid soundtrack. I know just figuring out the legal and other collaborations is no doubt a challenge but it obviously really paid off.

Time for you to add the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack to your list of things to look forward to this July!

Download the soundtrack!

What do you think? 85 comments

  1. I love the soundtrack for 500 Days of Summer:

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    salome on Mar 6, 2009

  2. 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    LLINDSAYWADEE on May 19, 2009

  3. I am disapointed in the lack of Pixies, ngl, but the idea of She & Him covering the Smiths so makes up for it.

    fitz on Jun 3, 2009

  4. holy hell. I think I just died when I saw the She & Him cover of The Smiths song. I NEED TO HEAR THIS. <333

    Merrijoy on Jun 3, 2009

  5. 500 Days of Summer: This is the soundtrack worth getting.

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    winstonchiu on Jun 2, 2009

  6. 500 Days Of Summer: soundtrack
    tem She & Him fazendo cover de The Smiths

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    liviopv on Jun 3, 2009

  7. OH MY GOD YAAYY SHE & HIM ON THE 500 DAYS OF SUMMER SOUNDTRACK (link: (via @500daysofsummer)

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    theAguilar on Jun 3, 2009

  8. I thought it was going to be a different Black Lips song.

    Emily on Jun 3, 2009

  9. Merrijoy, I was thinking the exact same thing. I screamed for joy like a giddy schoolgirl.. I’m a guy. Furthermore, I’m a guy in love with Zooey.

    Alec on Jun 3, 2009

  10. Do you know if it’ll be on iTunes the same day? Or if they’re having it sold on iTunes at all?

    India Kaelin on Jun 3, 2009

  11. 500 Days of Summer official soundtrack will be released on 7/14 by

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    jellyjean on Jun 3, 2009

  12. Adoreiii a trilha sonora…500 days of summer!nice –

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    Fer_Gabi on Jun 3, 2009

  13. 500 Days of Summer gives Garden State a run for it’s soundtrack money: (How does this movie have a fan site already?)

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    tympanogram on Jun 3, 2009

  14. (500) Days of Summer – soundtrack
    Need to download it now!

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    NEchoplex on Jun 3, 2009

  15. What a soundtrack. Can’t wait for this CD!

    Dang on Jun 4, 2009

  16. “Is that an unreleased cover of The Smiths by She & Him I see as the closing track!?” (thanks to Valido)

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    polaroid on Jun 4, 2009

  17. “Is that an unreleased cover of The Smiths by She & Him I see as the closing track!?” (thanks to @i400calci)

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    polaroid on Jun 4, 2009

  18. Vi siete mai chiesti che suono ha l’Inferno?

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    i400calci on Jun 4, 2009

  19. the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack looks amazing. @pitchforkmedia has it here and preview is here

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    jesskathryn on Jun 4, 2009

  20. I find it silly that people are breathlessly waiting for a soundtrack when the individual songs can be purchased RIGHT NOW! With the exception of exclusive songs, soundtracks are nothing more than playlists at this point.

    Hurm... on Jun 4, 2009

  21. Amazing soundtrack!! Can’t wait for the movie!

    Lissette on Jun 4, 2009

  22. I think it’s great the Zoey got one of her bands songs put onto the album. Great stuff.

    Alan Placko on Jun 4, 2009

  23. @adigallia23
    great stuff right there.

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    mykepyke on Jun 6, 2009

  24. This movie was simply fantastic. i got to see it at a special screening and it reminded me of why i fell in love with movies.

    Brendan on Jun 10, 2009

  25. trilha Boa, de filme bom!

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    BETA_HICKSON on Jun 18, 2009

  26. The perfect morning soundtrack! Great way to start the day off…

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    Euuunice on Jun 22, 2009

  27. ok so also about 500 days of summer.. amazing amazing soundtrack. give it a go

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    pfrrresh on Jun 24, 2009

  28. is listening to the “500 days of summer” movie soundtrack for free..

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    FroRojas on Jun 29, 2009

  29. I saw this movie yesterday at an early screening for Gen-Art, and it was great! I loved it from beginning to end, and will probably see it when it comes out in the theaters. The soundtrack was ridiculously amazing! I just pre-ordered it on I-tunes for my I-phone. This is one of the movies that you buy when it comes out on DVD. Perfection!

    Andi Michelle on Jul 1, 2009

  30. i think someone’s gonna feel silly posting their opinion about why we wait for a soundtrack to come out (HURM) because we ALL know we can go out and get it RIGHT NOW! the point is you go out and support a movie by also purchasing an album!

    lsz on Jul 5, 2009

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    Trailer Teaser: 500 Days of Summer | Trespass on Jul 6, 2009

  32. check out the soundtrack for 500 Days of Summer. Smiths love, can’t wait.

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    aimeewenske on Jul 9, 2009

  33. .@Barbara_Garcia O soundtrack é de babar: tem Regina Spektor, Carla Bruni, Simon & Garfunkel, Feist e, claro, She & Him:

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    inagaki on Jul 11, 2009

  34. And in the darkened underpass
    I thought oh god, my chance has come at last
    (but then a strange fear gripped me and i
    Just couldnt ask)

    Mozzer on Jul 14, 2009

  35. Not only looking forward to the movie, but also the soundtrack for 500 Days of Summer.

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    SNCarpeaux on Jul 14, 2009

  36. I’m disappointed there is only one track by composer Mychael Danna (who wrote the music to Little Miss Sunshine as well) and that one track has the opening narration recorded over top of it. Hopefully they will release the score as well – I mean, the score is actually original music written for the movie.

    JP on Jul 15, 2009

  37. i suspect the foul hand of zach braff involved in the “mindie” soundtrack of _(500) days of summer_.

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

    solingerer on Jul 17, 2009

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  42. Can anyone tell me what the instrumental song is called? The one that is played throughout the movie and mostly at the end? Because I listened to the soundtrack and they don’t have any instrumental songs on there. Thank you :D

    canza on Aug 19, 2009

  43. Can there be a separate CD or song list on iTunes for the music score of the movie? I love the music composed by Mychael Danna

    Jin S on Sep 13, 2009

  44. anybody know the name of the song that Summer sang in the Karaoke?

    Ling on Sep 13, 2009

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  46. YES!! I want to know what the instrumental song by Mychael Danna they play towards the end of the movie is … it is also the second song played during the credits

    Rob on Sep 20, 2009

  47. I also want to know where I can get the songs by Mychael Danna that are featured throughout the movie.

    Joan on Sep 21, 2009

  48. Hey everyone, im wondering what the song is when summer and tom are talking in the office party? well i think its an office party. I’m pretty sure the song playing in the background is bad kids but im not sure…could someone verify?


    sam on Oct 8, 2009

  49. [...] De mon côté ça faisait bien longtemps que je n’étais pas ressortie d’une salle de ciné aussi enthousiasmée, avec le sourire jusqu’aux oreilles, après avoir passé un excellent moment à regarder une histoire pourtant banale (et pas forcément réjouissante) mais présentée de manière tellement rafraîchissante, et à apprécier aussi cette réaction commune de la salle (ce qui est rare, si,si) réagissant à tous ces délicieux petits moments amusants comme tout. Mais je dis tout trop vite là ^^. Ce petit bijou met en scène de très chouettes comédiens, aux personnages attachants, dans un film dont la réalisation pleine de jolies trouvailles rend le tout encore plus sympathique. Zooey Deschanel et Joseph Gordon-Levitt forment un adorable couple et je ne veux pas spoiler mais malgré le déroulement du scénario l’ambiance développée dans cette histoire de cœur tellement actuelle ne déprime pas (sauf Benj). On compatit mais on sourit, et on rit beaucoup même. Ce film est plein de tendresse, avec un soupçon de cruauté certes, et si seule une scène pour le coup terriblement banale (le pétage de cable je plaque mon job) m’a agacé j’ai trouvé tout le reste parfait. A noter, l’histoire est parallèlement racontée en chanson à travers une bande originale absolument délicieuse (d’ailleurs gros coup de cœur pour Regina Spektor – j’connaissais pas) et même que je songe à m’acheter le CD (info ici et là). [...]

    HISTOIRE 2 » (500) jours ensemble, (1) film à voir - Un blog à 2 qui parle 2 tout on Oct 12, 2009

  50. hey
    there a singing part in the movie on the 1:16:50 the exact time in the movie
    ” time it was it was a summer time
    the time well come fet and say ”
    do any one have any idea about that song

    emorah on Oct 27, 2009

  51. Hey, in the last scene of the movie,
    when summer and tom are talking sitting on the bench, after they talk and summer goes aways, there is a instrumental song. Does anybody know what song is it?

    I love that song, it’s so good!!!

    Eduado on Nov 2, 2009

  52. 500 Days of Summer was simply fantastic. It reminded me of why i fell in love with movies. The Music too is amazing….

    Sravan Kumar.Jampani on Nov 3, 2009

  53. I need to noe the name of that instrumental song that is played 2nd in credits and during parts of the movie. sum1 ring up mychael danna lol

    costa on Nov 4, 2009

  54. Sam, the song is Bad kids, from the band Black Lips.

    luiz young on Nov 8, 2009

  55. omg i need the score soo bad (not the soundtrack, i have it already)…
    i mean the original songs that everyone is also demanding! haha
    so many great songs, like the part where he is searching for a seat in the train, or when they are coming back from the wedding…the song that sometimes play in the office, the second song in the credits.
    if anyone finds out anything, let us know!

    amir on Nov 11, 2009

  56. …but i still think there won’t ever be longer versions for those songs…
    i guess they composed them only to fit in the scenes. which would be a total waste of a good composer! hehe damn it

    amir on Nov 11, 2009

  57. Anyone knows the title of the second (instrumental) song during the credits?

    Thanks! :)

    Stephan on Nov 18, 2009

  58. la banda sonora de esta peli es impecable! ….Me enamore de todos los temas!!… y la peli en si me emcanto! es excelente

    agustina on Nov 18, 2009

  59. I’ve seen this movietwice, I loved it so much and the official soundtrack is gorgeous!!!!

    kate on Nov 19, 2009

  60. this movie is painfully true.

    kiki on Nov 22, 2009

  61. LA PEELII?



    summer:P on Nov 24, 2009

  62. why didn’t anyone come up with the idea of releasing a vinyl version of this soundtrack? i’d be FRAKING AWESOME. this soundtrack is one of the best i’ve ever listened to.

    duds on Dec 13, 2009

  63. Ilove 500 days of summer, ilove the music ive seen the music 10 times, i’ts my fav!
    first movie with the real stuff in life!
    Realy a great movie. listen to the music every day!

    May on Dec 18, 2009

  64. 500 Days score album released on itunes!

    tom on Dec 23, 2009

  65. This NEEDS to be released on vinyl!!

    Kelsey on Dec 27, 2009

  66. [...] movie itself is done really well and not what you’d expect from the previews.  The soundtrack is also amazing.  It has The Smiths, Regina Spektor, Black Lips and Hall & Oates.  I guess [...]

    Zooey Deschanel's Movie 500 Days Of Summer Now Out on DVD I Loved This Movie and The Soundtrack | on Jan 6, 2010

  67. anyone noe wat song or music was played when summer said she was the anal girl and when tom when went to interview as a architech when he met autumn. theres a piano and violin music., anyone noe wats it called.

    jonathan on Jan 7, 2010

  68. Does anyone know if the soundtracks available on vinyl anywhere? it would be amazing!

    Erica on Jan 31, 2010

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  70. agreed! we need the SCORE!

    chon on Feb 20, 2010

  71. what was the background music that was playing when day 191 started and they went to the museum, it was instrumental and had an ukelele sound i believe i really love it

    Eric on Mar 21, 2010

  72. Hi everyone, The score is available!!!


    Erica on Apr 5, 2010


    EL Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap


    Miguel on Apr 12, 2010

  74. amazing movies, and I like all of music in this movie :))

    ayudyah on May 2, 2010

  75. during art museum, the instrumental with the ukelele is titled, “Art Gallery” and can be found on the “Score”. I beleive it is also the tune played when the menu is displayed.

    m on May 2, 2010

  76. La canción que canta en el karaoke es Here Comes You man de meaghan Smith

    Juan Pablo Rojas Díaz on Jul 5, 2010

  77. Hi everybody!

    I discovered this movie some weeks ago and felt under its charm! I always have the end of it in mind, this moment when Summer tells him she finally woke up knowing what she always doubted about with him before. It’s probably my favorite scene and i love the very sad and quiet music growing behind, i bought the score and the OST, but i can’t find this particular piece of music in any track!

    Could you please help me to find it?
    This would be absolutely fantastic!

    All my thanks in advance!

    LOUP on Aug 6, 2010

    here’s the link for the second song in the credits
    that everyone’s looking for :P
    the part that you’ll reconize is at around 2:35 .
    no problem :D

    nick on Oct 20, 2010

  79. I love Regina!!! this was a great soundtrack for a movie… and She & Him and The Smiths makes it even better

    elaine starr on Nov 17, 2010

  80. I so hope that, at some point, they release a Vinyl of this!
    Possibly the best soundtrack. Love it so much.

    Liam Antony on Nov 18, 2010

  81. Does anyone know what songs is playing when Tom goes to the store and gets whiskey,orange juice, and twinkies…and yells at the couple to get a room?

    Rose on Feb 21, 2011

  82. yeah 500 days of weezy……………..

    samuel soliz on Feb 23, 2011

  83. hey, do u know that final scene when tom and summer meet for the last time on the bench, there’s an instrumental patch thats played for about 20 secs, please help me with its name…

    Piyush Arora on Mar 21, 2011

  84. @Rose

    It’s called “The Infinite Pet” by a band called “Spoon”
    Great song!

    LiamAntony on Apr 13, 2011

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