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    Boy meets girl
    Boy falls in love
    Girl doesn't

  • When Tom, a hapless greeting card copywriter and hopeless romantic, is blindsided after his girlfriend summer dumps him, he shifts back and forth through various periods of their 500 days "together" to try to figure out where things went wrong. His reflections ultimately lead him to finally rediscover his true passions in life.

  • Directed by: Marc Webb
    Wirtten by: Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber
    Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Clark Gregg, Minka Kelly, Matthew Gray Gubler, Rachel Boston, Geoffrey Arend, Chloe Moritz
    Producers: Jessica Tuchinsky, Mary Waters, Steven Wolfe, Mason Novick

  • This post modern love story is never what we expect it to be -- It's thorny yet exhilarating, funny and sad, a twisted journey of highs and lows that doesn't quite go where we think it will.

    Release Date: July 17, 2009

August 21st, 2009

Fan Post: The best Romantic Flim in Years!

Okay so this movie kinda the Anti-romantic comedy,but it is super funny, sweet, full of heart,real, and it will make you cry. The best movie I’ve seen this year and my number four spot in my top 10 flims.Joseph Gordon-Levitt is incredible and super cute! Zooey Deschanel is fantastic too!

Marc Webb is extrmeley talented! He takes risks that other directors are afaird to. It is totally worth the money. Don’t see a bland unrealistic comedy or drama, go see this!From start to finish it delivers! It has the the most creative and best ending line! 5 out of 5 stars! See it now!!!!!

This post was submitted by Katie.

August 20th, 2009

Zooey Deschanel on Twitter

Yep, Zooey finally broke down and signed up on Twitter, joining a couple of her fellow cast members.

zooey deschanel on twitter

Her first tweet?

I hemmed. I hawed. I joined twitter. Alas. Reason? I saw “The Cove” this weekend and it blew my mind. Everyone should see this movie. -zd

Follow Zooey Deschanel @therealzooeyd! Looking forward to your tweets, Zooey! Don’t forget to follow me @500daysofsummer ;)

August 20th, 2009

500 Days of Summer Walking Tour in LA

I just recieved an email about a 500 Days of Summer Walking Tour, guided by Marty Cummins, key assistant location manager for “(500) Days” and Harry Medved, co-author of the SoCal movie location guidebook, “Hollywood Escapes.”

The tour is free with optional donations benefiting Los Angeles Conservancy, a historic preservation organization (something Tom could get behind.)

Sunday, August 30, 3-6 pm
Meet at Old Bank DVD 400 S. Main Street (at 4th street)
Downtown Los Angeles

The tour’s description from the organizers is listed below! If you decide to head out for the tour let them know you read about it at and please, post your photos from the event here!

Read More

August 18th, 2009

Joesph Gordon-Levitt “on why French girls turn him on”

Joe Gordon-Levitt is featured on the cover of the next issue of Nylon Guys, on shelves this September. Looks like a really good interview with some cool photos. You can get a sneak peak online before then.


On his teen years after 3rd Rock from the Sun
“Everyone gets fucked with in high school. I was fucked with because I was on TV. And I think when you’re not used to that, the world can be pretty harsh… I was probably a bit of a dick [back then]. I mean, not a dick but I had very simplistic and strong feelings about things, and right and wrong.”

Link: Check out the article on Nylon Guys (”not for girls”–yeah right!)

August 15th, 2009

Check the 500 Days of Summer Showtime Nearest You

We’ve now exhausted the schedule for 500 Days of Summer Release Dates but the schedule only lists major cities anyway. A lot of theaters are showing 500 Days of Summer and aren’t listed on the release schedule. This means 500 Days of Summer might be playing in your own city or one very close-by without you knowing it!

Use Google to find the nearest Showtime and Google to the rescue! Click here to perform the quick search “500 Days of Summer Showtimes” on Google. It will automatically locate the theatres playing the film closest to you.

So there you go: this will either make it really easy for you to see 500 Days of Summer for the first time, or cut down on driving time to see it your second, third, or fourth time! ;)

Does the Google search for showtimes work well for you? Find a theatre closer than you expected? Let me know in the comments.

August 7th, 2009

500 Days of Summer Review: Haiku Style

These are really wonderful and creative reviews of 500 Days of Summer. The authors saw a free screening of the film and went to post their review to the 500 Days of Summer microblog review site.

Christopher and I attended the free screening of (500) Days of Summer last week and in exchange gave a voluntary micro-review to the movie company Fox Searchlight through either facebook or twitter. I chose the twitter route and sought to write the review as a haiku thinking the 140 character twitter limit and 5-7-5 syllable haiku structure would save me time, but it turned out to be quite hard as it is with anything well-edited. Below are our final haiku reviews.

500 days of summer review

Credit to Sophorn and Christopher at norococo.

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